eternal summer

it's meaningless without you

i want to swim with you

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i love neji and post lots of bunnies.
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thank you for the amazing water time! 


Fangirl Challenge || 1/5 Pairings: Royai
↳ Only the strongest will survive. Lead me to heaven when we die. I am a shadow on the wall. I’ll be the one to save us all.  ~Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin~

there’s no reason for me to be jealous of this poster yet here i am, green with envy

hahahha sorry friend but i’m also not that sorry i p much cleaned out what was left of my checking account for this tho if that makes you feel any better


drinking game: take a shot every time one of the dance moms complains about maddie getting special treatment

there’s absolutely no reason to have this poster hanging above my bed i have no excuse for spending $17 on this poster whatsoever but i did and here it is